Real Essences Cleansers
Have you been to the store and you look at the cleansers types and don’t know what type to choose and what is going to suit my skin types or if I have any skin conditions

Cleaners usually come in milks, creams, lotion, gels, and foaming cleansers

              Which product suits which skin type?

              Milk – all skin types

              Creams – dry and sensitive and mature

              Lotion – normal, combination

              Gel and foaming cleanser – oily, acne, combination with more oily


Why use a cleanser?

A cleanser is used to remove your make up, dirt, grimes and oil and restore the pH of the skin. It is recommended that you cleanse your skin twice. First removes make-up, dirt, grimes and oil. Second restores pH of skin. The idea with the cleanser is to clean but not strip the skin. If you use a cleanser and you skin feels tight and you feel you need to put a moisturiser straight on, then the product isn’t correct for you. Your skin should feel clean but still soft.

How to use a cleanser correctly 

Apply the size of a 10 cent piece onto your fingers and rub onto area to emulsifier product. Then apply onto the face and neck area and complete friction movements around areas for about 1 minute. Then remove with a warm face washer. Complete twice.


If you like to use your cleanser in the shower complete the same process but don’t put your face into the hot water because it can break capillaries on your face and dehydrated the skin.


If you like to use a sponge for your cleanse removal then it is recommended that you wash out the sponge after each used. Ways to wash sponge 1. Can be put into a bra bag and popped into washing machine and air dry. 2. Can wash out with a mild detergent and air dry.

If you don’t wash the sponge regularly it can contain bacteria which can lead to skin problems e.g. breakouts.


There are 3 types of cleansers available in the Real Essences range: Revive Cleanser suits all skin types, Sensitive cleansing milk for sensitive skin, Foaming cleanser for oily, combination and acne skin types and conditions.

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