Author: Michelle Rogers

Is your body skin starting to feel tight

Get all the Body essentials you need in one spot. Are you starting to experience any of the following symptoms dry, tight, flakey, rough knees, elbows, dry patches, especially with the seasonal changes. The following products can help to relieve these symptoms Revive Body Wash used daily Body Scrub used once or twice a week Body Cream used daily See range     Read more →

All natural sun protection

There are two ways this sun oil can be used. Can be used as a serum before moisturiser for anti-aging, rejuvenating and nourishing the skin, helps to reduces pigmentation marks, has an antioxidant effect and repairing for scarring. For sun protection and would be applied after moisturiser or reapply if going in sun for long periods. Suit all skin types… Read more →

Complete your skincare with an Exfoliant & Mask

Types of exfoliants on the market: Mechanical – eg, scrubs contains either beads or nuts Enzymatic – peel off or rub, leave on Enzymatic AHA   Benefits of exfoliation: Removes dead skin cells Prepares the skin for future treatments and products Speeds up cell renewal by encouraging cell production Helps to brighten complexion   How often should you exfoliate your… Read more →

Are you using an Eye Gel?

Why use an eye gel over a normal moisturiser? Because the eye area is delicate, has thinner skin than rest of your face, and doesn’t produce any oil. So a normal moisturiser can cause dehydration around this area.   Have you used an eye product that has caused irritation, eg, itchy, swelling, redness to the eye, watery eyes? If so,… Read more →

How good are Serums?

Have you heard of how wonderful serums are for the skin? It’s a miracle in a bottle! How often should you use a serum? All the time, or when skin needs a boost, 4 times a year, once a year, depending on what type of serum and what affects you want to achieve. Serums generally treat skin conditions problems.  … Read more →

Skin Type = Moisturiser

     How often should you use a moisturiser? It should be morning and night. The morning moisturiser protects your skin from environmental effects. Your night moisturiser helps to boost your skin and work with your natural oils when you are asleep and your body is relaxed and resting.   Have you applied your moisturiser with a 4 dabs technique… Read more →


Have you been to the store and you look at the cleansers types and don’t know what type to choose and what is going to suit my skin types or if I have any skin conditions. Cleaners usually come in milks, creams, lotion, gels, and foaming cleansers               Which product suits which skin type?               Milk – all skin types… Read more →

What toner should I use for my skin type?

For normal skin you will want to maintain the skin type by adding hydration e.g. Hyaluronic acid.   With dry, dehydrated and ageing skin, you also want to add hydration, but also firm, energise and brighten, so try using ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, Siberian Ginseng, green tea etc.   Oily, combination or acne skin types require you to clean… Read more →