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Why use a body exfoliant

Benefits of  using  a body exfoliant:   To get rid of dead dry skin cells. It can have a stimulating effect to the circulatory system and lymphatic system to get rid of toxins in the body. Great if wanting to lose weight. By doing this, you will allow other products to be absorbed into the skin easily and the skin will… Read more →

Is your body skin starting to feel tight

Get all the Body essentials you need in one spot. Are you starting to experience any of the following symptoms dry, tight, flakey, rough knees, elbows, dry patches, especially with the seasonal changes. The following products can help to relieve these symptoms Revive Body Wash used daily Body Scrub used once or twice a week Body Cream used daily See range     Read more →

All natural sun protection

There are two ways this sun oil can be used. Can be used as a serum before moisturiser for anti-aging, rejuvenating and nourishing the skin, helps to reduces pigmentation marks, has an antioxidant effect and repairing for scarring. For sun protection and would be applied after moisturiser or reapply if going in sun for long periods. Suit all skin types… Read more →